1. Bench or chair:

  • 1st choice: a padded adjustable piano bench, which has the height adjustment knobs. 
  • 2nd choice: a padded chair with no arms.

2. Lighting:

White spotlight on the chair, center stage, down front. If additional lighting instruments are available, use blue and amber gels. If no professional lighting is available, we will make the best use of what you have.3. Sound system:

Please discuss these options directly with Mr. Radford.

  • Use Mr. Radford’s Bose L1 Model II sound system if it is available.
  • Use Mr. Radford’s sound system and also connect a line into your house system.

If he does not bring his entire sound system, he will bring his Alesis mixer and will connect to your system using a line out or a direct box.

For outdoor festivals with large sound systems already in place, or where logistics do not permit the use of Mr. Radford’s system, he will use your system.

If he uses your system, please have an extra microphone cord and monitor speakers available.4. Technical check:

A sound and lighting check with a technician present should be scheduled the afternoon (usually around 1:30 pm) before an evening concert (but at least two hours before the performance).5. Display table:

Please have a table to display Mr. Radford’s CDs during the intermission and after the concert. He provides a change pouch with adequate change. He will greet the public and autograph CDs after the performance.6. Temperature:

Nylon guitar strings are sensitive to cold and heat. Please maintain a normal room temperature in the dressing room as well as in the performance space.7. Drinking water:

Please have some bottled water available.8: No recording:

The use of photographic and recording equipment during the performance is not permitted, unless Mr. Radford agrees in advance.9. Flamenco dancer:

If the performance includes the flamenco dancer:

  • A second dressing room will be needed. 
  • If the floor of the performance area is not wood, you must call Mr. Radford for special technical instructions. 
  • A technical rehearsal will need to be scheduled around 3:00 pm for an evening performance.

10. Residencies:

For mini-concerts and other residency activities where there is no stage, please provide a high bar stool without arms and a standard microphone stand (in addition to considering the sound system options in #3. Above)11. Questions:

If you have any questions about these technical guidelines, please call Mr. Radford at 800-291-7050. He is very easy to work with.