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*RONALD RADFORD, Flamenco Guitarist *

This brilliant American Flamenco virtuoso has evoked standing ovations on four continents. He has been acclaimed in Mexico City for performances, “equal to those on any Flamenco stage in Madrid, Seville or Andalusia.” His Carnegie Recital Hall and Kennedy Center concerts were enthusiastically received, but perhaps the highest tribute comes from Madrid: “He has duende, the Spanish equivalent of soul!”

A protégé of the legendary Carlos Montoya, Radford lived and traveled in Spain where he immersed himself in the musical wisdom of the Gypsy Flamenco guitar masters, in addition to classical studies with Andres Segovia. He is the only individual to be awarded a Fulbright Scholarship in Flamenco.

His international tours have taken him to fifteen countries from Australia to Switzerland and from Canada to Panama. He toured for the U.S. State Department as a musical ambassador in Mexico, Guatemala and other Latin American countries. He is currently on tour to colleges and concert series across the United States, and his exciting CD, Viva Flamenco! and new DVD Live Your Passion! are available worldwide.

Mr. Radford’s Flamenco expression has been described by noted guitarist Oscar Ghiglia this way: “It is rare, even for a Gypsy, to have the gift to lead one into the somber, unforgettable world of sounds of the real Flamenco, and yet he – an American – is among the few who have given me this artistic experience.”

734 Henry Ave. • St. Louis, MO 63011 • 800-291-7050

(Call, or go online to order CD or DVD)
Mr. Radford uses LaBella strings exclusively