Why Should You Book Ron’s School Program?

The Ronald Radford’s school program, is a 45 minute solo guitar program of haunting Spanish Gypsy melodies and dazzling Flamenco techniques held together by Mr. Radford’s educational and humorous comments, motivational message, and answers to student’s questions.

The program concludes with Mr. Radford’s exciting Flamenco singing, with students clapping in rhythm and shouting “Ole!” He speaks Spanish and yes, he will include “La Bamba” and La Macarena!

Supports National Standards And Fulfills Three Goals

A Carnegie Hall quality performance, that your students will enjoy that demonstrates the value of discipline, devotion and hard work.

A motivational message that is up beat, positive, and adapted to your age group. It is based on the themes of Respect and Responsibility and say ‘Yes’ to your talents and dreams!

A multi-cultural experience of the Spanish language, music and culture

Powerful Message

His program “The Power of Ole! – Optimistic Leadership Energy!” will encourage students to know that they are each unique and special and that we are all here to use our individual talents to make the world a better place. Students will realize that we get good at whatever we practice – and that we are always practicing something!

He shows how success and happiness in life depends on respecting and caring about others as well as being responsible in everything we think and say and do. Each moment is an opportunity to make a choice that can be a part of the solution to family, school, and world problems.

Speaking from his own life experience, he helps the students see that every choice has an outcome or result, and we always have the power to choose to do what is right. His positive message points out that the greatest success comes from always saying ‘Yes’ to the good stuff in life rather than worrying about saying ‘No’ to the bad stuff. Kids quickly understand the idea that what you focus on is what you tend to get more of, so focus on that which is good!

Educational Study Guide

His 22-page study guide has preparation and follows up material for all grades. See: http://www.ronaldradford.com/schoolstudyguide


The program is enthusiastically supported by teachers and administrators in music, Spanish & Multi-cultural and drug & character education and is usually funded from these sources

Ronald Radford loves to perform and to speak to Kids

“Always do your best, and the best will always come back to you” is an underlying theme of his stories, which introduce each musical selection.

Besides being a successful concert performer he is also a ‘compulsive educator’ and his answers to student’s questions are spontaneous, educational and often humorous. He talks with the kids and not down to them in a friendly and unpretentious manner.

He gets stacks of fan letters from Elementary children, and the High School students usually give him a standing ovation.