The New York Times – Allen Hughes: “He guided his listeners through a winning and informative tour of the varieties of Spanish Gypsy music that make up the Flamenco landscape. His playing was expert throughout.”

Daily Ledger – Fairfield, IA: “Radford has it all! His explanations made it simple enough to please the youngest or most untrained ear, technical enought to inspire guitar students in all phases of the study and so intimate and so profound an experience for the turned-on ones as to provide a bridge between worlds.

The Freeman’s Journal – Cooperstown, NY: “Love for the music and for what he was doing was evident in Mr. Radford’s performance. In fact, he did not seem to be performing. He seemed to be sharing a gift.”

Times-Advocate – Escondido, CA: “He plays with that perfect blend of training, experience, talent, knowledge and unwavering enthusiasm that only comes from a consummate artist.”

The Christian Science Monitor: “The Spirit, the aliveness, the agile technique, the energy of red hot Flamenco!”

Chaska Herald – Chaska, MN: “Every once in a while something magic will happen in a musical performance. No longer are you hearing a succession of rhythms and melodies played by a single person, but rather the outcry of the souls of generations of people focused through a single performer. One of the most soul-stirring performances I have ever heard. It was the highlight of this years series, if not the highlight of all the Encore Music Series to date. Ole!”

Tulsa World – Tulsa, OK: “Continually amazing was how Radford, an affable and unpretentious young man, has so completely assimilated the musical idiom of a foreign people. He played Flamenco like a native, and the audience was clearly delighted and astonished by his considerable talent.”

Southwest Daily Times – Liberal, KS: “Shouts of Ole! And standing ovations accompanied the performance of flamenco guitarist Ronald Radford Saturday night. … Before playing the explosive Sevillanas he asked, ‘Did anybody here bring castanets?’ A woman from Seville, Spain and her husband jumped onto the stage and danced as he played and brought the house down!”

The Mirror – Brawley, CA: “One antique chair, one white rose, one guitar…Ronald Radford, center stage, can capture an audience with no more than these. Radford played with intensity and unity with his instrument, giving a performance that brought him a standing ovation. Plucking the white rose from his lapel, Radford said, ‘Let me give this back to the community I love so much,’ and tossed the rose into the audience.”