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Ronald Radford, the Flamenco guitar virtuoso whose brilliant performances have evoked standing ovations on for continents, will appear in (city) at the (location) on (day & date) at (time).

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A protégé of the legendary Carlos Montoya, Radford lived and traveled in Spain where he immersed himself in the musical wisdom of the Flamenco guitar masters, in addition to classical studies with Andres Segovia. He is the only individual ever to be awarded a Fulbright Scholarship in Flamenco.

This gifted artist takes you far beyond the usual guitar concert. Radford complements his masterful technique with an illuminating narration, which recreates the very spirit and essence of this ancient folklore. He draws the audience into an unforgettable world of sounds and feelings as he conjures up the soul-stirring laments and fiery Gypsy dance rhythms of Flamenco – the heartbeat of Spain.

Radford’s warm and engaging stage manner along with the unusually appealing music provides an intimate performance that can be enjoyed by all. The New York Times acclaimed his Carnegie Hall concert as “a winning, charming, informative and expert performance by a guitarist of talent and enthusiasm!” Of his expertise and personal style of performance the Fairfield, Iowa Daily Ledger wrote: “Radford has it all! His explanations made it simple enough to please the youngest or most untrained ear, technical enough to inspire guitar students in all phases of study, and so intimate and so profound an experience for the turned-on ones as to provide a bridge between worlds.”

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Don’t miss this rare opportunity to hear one of the world’s most exciting and beautiful styles of music performed by one of the best guitarists in the country.

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