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The audience for Ronald Radford’s Flamenco guitar concert (this/next) (day or week) at (time) shouldn’t be misled by his dramatic black outfit. The show won’t be marked by formality. Rather, Radford plans to “walk on stage, sit down in the spotlight and talk to the audience as if they were sitting in my living room.”

Radford, in fact, may be the most relaxed person at the (name of auditorium) where he will warm the audience with his friendly unpretentious manner and dazzle them with a world-class performance of Flamenco music. As one reviewer wrote: “The technical brilliance and artistry of Radford’s playing was most obvious. But the hypnotizing spell he held over the audience was brought about by his talent as a communicator – by his charisma and his love for his music and his audience.”

Radford’s performance here presented by (name of presenter) will be a rarity. He is the one of the few Flamenco guitarists ever to appear in (city). (Continue this paragraph with information about any outreach programs.) Funding is provided by (name of funding agencies).

A Fulbright Scholar and protégé of the legendary Carlos Montoya, Radford is about the only performer of his type – a full-time American player of Spain’s traditional, folk music. Wherever he performs this authentic program of haunting Gypsy melodies and exciting Flamenco techniques Radford leaves in his wake hundreds of Flamenco converts. When asked about the tremendous impact his performance has on people, Radford says: “I really try to obey the golden rule. I simply present my program the way I would enjoy having it presented to me. I love to help people discover what a rich and varied art form Flamenco can be.”

Radford’s performance clearly demonstrates how Flamenco combines the creativity of jazz, the fun of Bluegrass and the beauty of classical. This is a program the whole family will enjoy, not just because of the variety and quality of his music, but because his attitude is one of sharing something he loves with people who are much like himself.

Radford has been acclaimed in Mexico City for interpretations “…equal to those on any Flamenco stage in Madrid, Seville or Andalusia.” His Carnegie Recital Hall and Kennedy Center concerts were enthusiastically received, but perhaps the highest tribute comes from Madrid: “He has duende, the Spanish equivalent of ‘soul’.”

Although Radford’s performances have evoked standing ovations on four continents and inspired rave reviews in three languages his favorite comment comes from a housewife in Kansas who was quoted as saying, “I never knew I loved Flamenco music until I heard Ronald Radford play!”

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