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Ronald Radford, Flamenco Guitarist

Sample Introduction

Ronald Radford is known internationally as the American master of the Flamenco (Fla-MENG-ko) guitar. He began his career as a student of the legendary Flamenco guitarist Carlos Montoya (CAR-los Mon-TOY-yah) and studied classical guitar with Andres Segovia (Ann-DREYS Seh-GO-vee-yah).

He is the only individual ever to be awarded a Fulbright Scholarship in Flamenco and traveled thousands of miles in Spain studying the music of the Spanish Gypsies.

He has performed at New York’s Carnegie Hall, Washington’s Kennedy Center, and at colleges and concert halls across the United States.

His international tours have taken him to fifteen countries, from Australia to Switzerland and from Canada to Panama. He toured for the State Department as a musical ambassador in Mexico, Guatemala and other Latin American countries.

He appeared on network television on the “CBS Newcomers Show” and his exciting CD, “Viva Flamenco!”, and his DVD “Live Your Passion!” are available world- wide.

He was born in California, grew up in Oklahoma, and now lives in St. Louis, Missouri where he continues his career as one of the most successful ambassadors of Flamenco music in the world.