Contact: (Publicity person)(Presenting organization)(Phone number)The American master of the Flamenco guitar Ronald Radford will be performing in (city) at the (location) on (day & date) at (time).(Add a paragraph here with any special information about Mr. Radford, the presenting organization or funding credits which may be required by your funding source.)Radford will present a varied and entertaining program of haunting Gypsy melodies and dazzling Flamenco techniques. He verbally paints a picture for his audience of the Flamenco art form, native to southern Spain, by lacing his program with warm and spontaneous commentary. This performance will appeal to all ages and a broad range of musical tastes from those who like the creativity of jazz and the fun of Bluegrass to those who love the classics.A Fulbright Scholar and protégé of the legendary Carlos Montoya, Radford is widely acclaimed as one of the foremost Flamenco guitarists touring today. His concerts have taken him to universities and concert halls in 15 countries and have included such notable places as New York’s Carnegie Hall, Washington’s Kennedy Center, UCLA’s Royce Hall and the University of the Americas in Mexico.(Add a paragraph here about any residency activities such as min-concerts, workshops etc., giving the type of performance, day and date, time and location of each event.)Tickets for the (date) concert are available at (place). For information call (phone number).