Most presenters will tell you that Ron's program was the "best" or "one of the best" events they have ever presented! For over 30 years he has received consistent rave reviews for his Flamenco Guitar Concerts, school programs, and concert-keynotes.

Click here to watch some video highlights.Good Attendance: Presenters report that his performance attracted more people than many solo artists partly because Flamenco is a rare art form that everyone wants to hear, and because the guitar is the most popular instrument in the world.

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Ronald Radford


Musical Variety: As one sponsor wrote, "His repertoire touched every one's is tastes. His technique fascinated all ages." His audiences are filled with people who like everything from Jazz and Bluegrass, to those who love the classics. Flamenco is an art that has something for everyone...from haunting Gypsy melodies to fiery Spanish dance rhythms! This is a program that will have everyone shouting "Ole!"

"We had hoped for an audience of 250 and had over 400 people show up instead!" -Tulsa Jr. College, OK.

"Two thousand hand clapping, foot stomping 'aficionados'is truly a thrilling experience!" - Imperial Valley Arts Council, CA.

Friendly Style: "A world-class artist with a 'down home' touch" is a typical review comment prompted by his warm and friendly style of talking with the audience. He introduces each selection with a blend of information, inspiration and stories of his personal experiences with the Gypsies in Spain,

Residencies: Ron sees himself as an ambassador for the arts dedicated to building new audiences and he would like to help you build your audience in your community with the outreach of his informal mini-concerts for various community groups as well as his school programs. He will work with you to design a Residency perfect for your community - connecting business, civic and arts groups.

Funding Available: If you want his program, he guarantees he will find a way to help you do it. Just call him. Although his fee is within the range of most budgets, he can help you arrange for 25% to 50% of his fee to be paid directly to you through the Mid-America Art Alliance, The Arts Foundation, or your State Arts Council. His staff will fill out the forms for you!

Motivational School Programs: His school programs will encourage students to know that they are each unique and special and that we are all here to use our talents to make the world a better place. He shows how success and happiness in life depends on respecting and caring about others and being responsible in everything we think and say and do. Each moment is an opportunity to make a choice that can be part of the solution to family, school, and world problems.

"Always do your best, and the best will always come back to you" is an underlying theme of his stories which introduce each musical selection for the students. He will arrange the schedule and the funding for these outreach programs. You get the good public relations benefit as well as increased attendance at the concert.

Simple Technical: His minimum needs are a chair and simple lighting. He will provide and set up his own high quality professional sound system. With no technical worries, you can concentrate on promotion and/or ticket sales! His program is very easy to present.

Great Press Kit Dowloads: His Press & Promotion kit can be downloaded using the Press Kit link on the left. In addition to this material, we will mail you 25 Full Color Posters (more if you need them) and copies of the Study Guide for school programs. Ron is always available for advance newspaper and radio interviews by phone and will provide any additional press and promotion items you request. If time permits, he will also make promotional appearances on local TV shows.

Inspiration Insight And Vision: Although his international tours have taken him to 15 countries, from Australia to Switzerland and from Canada to Panama, he does not think of himself as traveling around the world, but as he says, "traveling around the sun, riding on planet earth. A North American playing the music of the Spanish Gypsies might be unusual, but an individual from planet earth playing music from some other place on planet earth is quite natural."

Ron tells his audience: "Whatever you experienced at this concert that was of any artistic or spiritual value, you experienced for one reason only, and that is because you brought it in here with you! I didn’t give it to you as the artist. No one can give you what is already yours! As an old Gypsy in Spain taught me, the artist is only a mirror to show you, the people, what you already have within yourself. We are all fully equipped with all the wonder, beauty, truth and goodness of the whole universe. Music is just one of the ways we awaken to more of who we really are."