Flamenco guitar virtuoso Ronald Radford appears in concert sponsored by (Local sponsor) in (City) on (Date) at (Place and time). Don’t miss this exciting, fascinating musical evening. For tickets, call (Phone). 


A concert of Spanish Flamenco guitar music will be give at (Place) on (Date) at (Time) by virtuoso guitarist Ronald Radford. (Day’s) performance is sponsored by (Local sponsor), and is the final event in Radford’s (Number of days) visit to (City). Ronald Radford has been heralded for his guitar mastery and authentic interpretations of Flamenco music and his relaxed, informative recital appearances have received warm reviews throughout his world travels. Don’t miss this exciting fascinating musical experience.    

Tickets are available (Give details).  Or call (Phone). 


Have a musical adventure!  Hear the haunting melodies of Spanish gypsies played by virtuoso Flamenco guitarist Ronald Radford.  Radford appears in concert on (Date) at (Place) at (Time) presented by (Local Sponsor).  It’s a rare opportunity to hear this renowned guitar master performing a diverse program of Flamenco music. Ronald Radford has traveled the world over and has been highly acclaimed for his sensitive and authentic interpretation of Spanish Flamenco melodies.  Don’t miss this fascinating musical adventure.  Tickets are available (Give details). Or call (Phone).