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Live Your Passion!

Is Ron's full concert recorded live on DVD with all the music and stories!.

This DVD Includes: Alegrias, Granadinas, Siguiriya, Bulerias, Romance, Zambra, Rumba, Soleares, Guajira, Tarantas and Tango.

A passionate performance of music and commentary you will love!   


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Viva Flamenco!

This CD of all traditional Flamenco music is one of Ron's most celebrated compilations.
This CD includes: Bulerias, Tarantas, Rumba, Siguiriya, Verdiales, Romance, Alegrias, Zambra, Soleares, Guajira, Farruca, Granadinas and Tango.

A must for any Flamenco fan! Soul-stirring Gypsy music of Spain!

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