Ronald Radford

"Metaphysical Ethnomusicology Made Easy"

(Excerpts from an interview with the artist)

Ronald Radford

Radford believes music is a universal language, which helps to unite mankind in its common feelings and aspirations. "I feel that this larger perspective helps me remember that the same laws and forces which govern the universe, also govern the science of music, and the life of the individual."

"What music does for us all is point to the eternal principles of goodness, truth and harmony, which are essential to the solving of individual and world problems. Not to say that music and the other arts are going to be panaceas; rather, they help provide an atmosphere of greater understanding among the peoples of the world."

"Traditionally, the artist has been viewed as an enigma. Some artists feel a need to preserve that separation, that aloofness, but my sense of success in being a performer has been in proportion to my rejection of that esoteric image of the artist."

Radford, when asked how he became an internationally received Flamenco guitarist, responds, "I'm no different than anyone else. Along with our individual talents, we have all been given the ability to develop those talents. I've found it helpful to recognize that I am not the source or cause of my talent, but rather the effect of the One Cause. We are all part of the infinite symphony of creation, each having his song to sing."

Tulsa Magazine, Tulsa, OK