Ronald Radford

Ronald Radford's School Study Guide

The link below takes you to the 22 page Study Guide which may be downloaded and printed either in its entirety or as individual pages.

Mr. Radford’s program supports national educational standards both in musical and spoken content as well as in the learning and discovery that results from the activities in the study guide. Get the most out of Mr. Radford's visit to your school by using this highly acclaimed study guide for preparation and follow-up work in class.

This Study Guide is intended primarily for Elementary schools and is meant to help prepare students and teachers for Ronald Radford's visit to their community and school.

The Guide, along with Mr. Radford's friendly dialogue with the students, shows how music and the arts can support and add interest to the academic subjects of Geography, History, Literature, Language, Poetry & Folklore.

Click here to download the full Study Guide (PDF, 6.80 MB).
School Study Guide
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School Study Guide p. 16 School Study Guide p. 18

A full color poster to announce Mr. Radford’s program at your school will be provided by the Sponsor.