Ronald Radford

Ronald Radford's Presentation Stydy Guide

A Summary of 18 Pages Which You Will Receive In Advance of the Program

Mr. Radford’s program supports national educational standards both in musical and spoken content as well as in the learning and discovery that results from the activities in the study guide. Get the most out of Mr. Radford's visit to your school by using this highly acclaimed study guide for preparation and follow-up work in class. The study guide contains:

  1. Biography of Ronald Radford: A one-minute introduction.

  2. Program Description: Includes quotes from principals and teachers.

  3. Essay on Spain: Focuses on Andalucia in southern Spain including geography, life-style, famous people, sights, sounds & smells, and the history of its peoples including the Gypsies (originally from India), who developed the Flamenco art.

  4. Essay on Flamenco: Emphasis on Flamenco as a folklore (guitar music, singing, and dancing), which involves children and adults in various community settings. Includes customs, cultural influences and performance.

  5. Discussion Questions: Challenges students to become aware of how music makes them feel and the importance of being a good listener.

  6. Activities: Three pages of things to do before or after the performance involving playing music, listening, map work, reading, writing, drawing, and various group experiences exploring sound, rhythm, emotions, movement and dance.

  7. Crossword Puzzle: Includes words like Spain, Andalucia, & Gypsies.

  8. Spanish Vocabulary: Includes words and phrases Mr. Radford will use during the program (and teach to K-6). Pronunciation guide is included.

  9. Poetry: "La Guitarra", in Spanish by Garcia Lorca (with English translation) and "The Guitar, Some Definitions" by Carl Sandburg. Great for all ages!

  10. Graphics: Includes a diagram of the Flamenco guitar with all parts labeled, and three line drawings with captions suitable for posting for older students, or for coloring for younger kids.

  11. Flyer: Includes a professional biography, a picture of Mr. Radford and reviews from concert performances.

This poster is suitable to be post around the school to announce his coming program. A large color poster is also provided.

You may get a copy of the Study Guide directly from Mr. Radford by phone or email.