Ronald Radford

Radford "Brilliant"

A Review by Paul Grover

The Monday Night Concert Series, jointly sponsored by the Tahlequah Area Arts & Humanities Council and Allied Arts of NSU, began on a brilliant note on Sept. 24 with a truly virtuoso concert by Ronald Radford, Flamenco guitarist.

Radford, a Tulsa native, was remembered by many in the audience as a young and promising artists who performed in Tahlequah years ago. In the intervening years, he has risen, into the top ranks of his profession. During those years he has studied under many of the true greats of the world of guitarists, including the dean of them all, Andres Segovia. Mr. Radford confesses that he owes the most to his mentor, the legendary Flamenco guitarist, Carlos Montoya. He has covered thousands of miles in Spain, immersing himself in the music and lifestyle of the Spanish Gypsies.

The technical brilliance of Radford's playing was most obvious. This included dazzling left hand exploits as well as colorful and scintillating use of the right hand in the plucking, strumming, and percussive rapping on the top of the instrument.

But the hypnotizing spell he held over the audience was brought about by his talent as a communicator. He carried on a warm and spontaneous dialogue with his audience throughout his performance. In effect, he was taking them on a tour of Spain, with its folkways, its spirit and its native music, all of which had roots in Gypsy and Moorish culture.

Oklahomans can take the highest pride in the superlative achievement of one of their native sons. Tahlequah, in particular, is most fortunate in being the beneficiary of Ronald Radford's artistry, his charisma, and his love for his music and his audience.

Tahlequah Daily Press, Tahlequah, OK - by Paul Grover