Ronald Radford

International Review Excerpts

"Maestro Radford is a virtuoso of the guitar"
-- Diario Latino - San Salvador

"The emotional transformation evoked by Ronald Radford was so complete that a Gypsy dancer in the audience jumped on the stage to accompany the artist!"
-- Más Noticias - Monterrey, Mexico

An absolutely extraordinary event! He received tremendous applause from the grateful audience in the Poli forum Cultural Sequeiros. The grace and quality of his interpretations are equal to those on any Flamenco stage in Madrid, Seville or Andalucía. Radford interpretations are second to none. The artist received excited applause which brought him back to the stage time after time for more encores. He was given a final rousing ovation, as many bid him farewell with emotional Ole’s!
-- El Universal - Mexico City

"Magnificent guitarist, an overflow crowd gave a resounding ovation for the great performance."
-- La Estrella De Panama

"Radford's performance was a roaring success. The concert drew a record breaking crowd which overflowed into the balconies and corridors. This gringo Flamenco artist, in spite of the prejudice regarding his nationality (a gringo playing Flamenco?), handles this art form indeed quite brilliantly and his virtuosity at the highest degree of consecration. We had a marvelous experience listening to this Flamenco artist who, as the Gypsies say, expresses much duende in his ability to summon forth from the instrument all of the possibilities it is capable of, and to weave the spell which Flamenco evokes, by its great power to captivate the audience."
-- La Hora - Guatemala

"It's a special kind of music - Flamenco - and the guitar is a special kind of instrument, at least in the hands of Ron Radford. It has taken years for Radford to master the complex rhythms of Flamenco, but more important than the timing, he has duende the Spanish equivalent of 'soul'."
-- Guidepost - Madrid, Spain

"Not only was his concert a tremendous success, but he has given inspiration to many."
-- Arc-En-Ciel - Geneva, Switzerland

"The famous Flamenco guitarist Ronald Radford presented a brilliant concert last night in the auditorium of the National University which was enthusiastically applauded."
-- Diario El Dia - Honduras

"Ronald Radford, extraordinary performer of Flamenco music, was a sensational revelation. He deeply moved an appreciative audience who gave a standing ovation for his performance. He fully justified the world-wide fame which has preceded him."
-- Momento - Chihuahua, Mexico

"Ronald Radford's Flamenco guitar concert was a resounding success. The overflow crowd was completely delighted with Radford's masterly performance of Spanish music, particularly Andalucía. A North American artist, a Japanese guitar, some Spanish selections: with these extraordinary elements admirably blended, the atmosphere of the concert hall became flamenco, as it rarely does, and the emotion reached a climax. The joy of the audience welled forth in repeated Ole’s, climbing higher and higher in crescendo."
-- Tribuna De Monterrey - Monterrey, Mexico

"Ronald Radford, North American guitarist, presented a concert of Flamenco music last Friday in the auditorium of the Institute Guatemalteco Americano before an overflowing throng who gave ovation after ovation for his brilliant performance."
-- Crónica Grafica - Guatemala

"One expects that a Flamenco recital would be given by an Andalucía, or at least a Spaniard. But when it is done by a North American, and he presents it as if he were a native of Andalucía, one is surprised! Ronald Radford surprised us with his masterly interpretations."
-- El Sol De Mexico - Mexico City

"Ronald Radford presented a magnificent concert Wednesday evening under the auspices of the Residencia Universitaria Pan Americana and the United States Embassy. He was given a prolonged ovation."
-- Novedades, Mexico City

"Ronald Radford delighted the public with a brilliant performance. His naturalness, his sensitivity of execution and his full identification with the instrument, drew from his guitar fiery, deep, sweet and caressing melodies, conveying these feelings to those who had the opportunity to hear him."
-- El Heraldo, Chihuahua, Mexico