Ronald Radford

Ronald Radford and his Flamenco Dancers

Tamara "La Garbancito" and Kristina Martinez

Ronald Radford’s Viva Flamenco concert is available with the added color and dynamic Flamenco dancing of Tamara la Garbancita or Kristina Martinez (depending on availability).

These highly acclaimed artists have a true passion for their art and present a strong professional program of authentic Flamenco dance, guitar music and insights into Spanish culture. Mr. Radford hosts the program with his enlightening and entertaining commentary. The program ends with a Gypsy “jam session” which includes the traditional combination of Flamenco guitar, singing and dancing with the audience clapping in rhythm and shouting Ole!

Flamenco Dancer

Tamara La Garbancito lived and trained intensively in Flamenco dance with Andalucian Gypsies in Barcelona, Spain. She studied with the Flamenco dance masters in Madrid and New York including Manolo Rivera, Manolete and Vida Peral.

In addition to her professional Flamenco dancing internationally, Tamara has performed in La Traviata, Carmen and The Man of La Mancha.

A multi-talented performer, she is on the dance faculty at UMKC.

Kristina Martinez was born in St. Louis, Missouri. She is a Colombian descendant who started her dance training at age six with Carmen Tucheri in Madrid, Spain.

In the U.S. she has studied under Maria Alba, Daniel de Cordoba, and Maria Benitez.

Besides her concerts with Mr. Radford she has also performed in numerous Flamenco dance company productions. She has taught Flamenco at the Ballet Conservatory in St. Louis and is a graduate of St. Louis University.

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