Ronald Radford


Comments from Schools

What Do Teachers And Principals Say About Him:

Great Performance:

  • "The finest, most enriching program we have had at this school." 
  • "In fifteen years of teaching I have never attended such a dynamic and worthwhile performance!" 
  • "This was a once- in-a-lifetime opportunity to hear music of this nature played with such quality." 
  • "An unforgettable performer!" 
  • "The kids loved him!" 

Drug-Free Message:

  • "Good anti-drug, pro-living message. Rather than "Just say no", Mr. Radford gives kids a glimpse of choosing a worthwhile pursuit which makes drugs (including alcohol) unnecessary. 
  • "Say  yes   to goals and dreams, and there will be no room for drugs. He is an example of this truth." 
  • "The way he combined his drug-free information and related it to his musical talents would make anyone believe drugs are not the way." 


  • "His skill was amazing, and the Spanish culture he taught us was priceless." 
  • "His performance exposed us to another country's culture and the richness of their music." 
  • "Very culturally enlightening to students who are so often sheltered from the world outside our small town." 
  • "Suddenly I thought I was back in Spain!" 
  • "Mr. Radford provided interesting background and history about his music." 
  • "Most students learned more in this short time than they would in 2-3 days of class instruction." 
  • "He is a dynamic teacher." 

Character Education/Role Model:

  • "Mr. Radford is not only a 'world-class artist,' he is a 'world-class person' with high standards and ideals...the kind of person every teacher and parent wants their children to meet." 
  • "I loved his message 'You always have the power to choose to do what is right!' This is great stuff!" 
  • "He explained how, as a teen-age rock-&-roller, he discovered and learned Flamenco, leaving the students with two memorable guidelines: "Don't be afraid to change your mind," and "When you have a dream, don't listen to people who say you can't do it!" 
  • "Students gave him a standing ovation!" 
  • "I wish every student in America could hear this guy!"