Ronald Radford

Radford's Performance Magic

A Review by Burt Glidden

Every once in a while, something magic will happen in a musical performance. No longer are you hearing a succession of rhythms and melodies played by a single person, but rather the outcry of the souls of generations of people focused through a single performer.

Such was the experience at Saturday night's final performance in the Encore Music Series at old Chaska Junior High School auditorium. It was indeed one of the most soul-stirring performances I have ever heard. This performance alone was worth the price of the membership.

With flawless technique and a warm and spontaneous commentary, Radford led his audience on a magic carpet tour of Spain. Our little auditorium proved to be (at least for this performance) a very proper setting for this intimate exchange.

From his opening work "Alegrias," which means joy and happiness, to his closing piece "Tarantas," his commentary provided a necessary framework upon which the listener could listen, enjoy and understand what this haunting and compelling music has to say.

For those in the audience, this performance won't be forgotten. Certainly it was the highlight of this year’s series, if not the highlight of all the Encore Music Series to date. Ole!

Chaska Herald, Chaska, MN - Encore Music Series, By Burt Glidden.